Extensive Experience


We will sell your property as efficiently and effectively as possible while ensuring that you get the best market value


We aim to find the best possible tenant for your property, one that is solvent and will care for your property as though it is their own


Whether your property is an office or HORECA or any other commercial space we can help you to sell it or rent it as is best for you


Are looking at real estate as a way to invest and or diversify your savings? We can help you


You are looking to sell or rent your house or you’re simply curious to know what your property is worth? We can help you to accurately evaluate the true value of your property.

Property Hunting

Whether you live abroad or right here in Brussels you may not have the time or the expertise to find the right property for rent or for sale – hire us to do the property hunting for you.

Home staging

We will tell you what you need to do to ensure that your property presents itself in the best possible way to ensure a quick and fruitful rental or sale. Quick easy professional tips are sometimes all you need to make your property that much more attractive…

Consulting and Advice

With over 40 years of experience and expertise between us we know how the real estate market works and can provide you the advice and answers you need.1

International Properties

Are you looking to invest in Italy, Greece, Canada, the USA? We have contacts in different markets and can help you.

Crowd Funding

It is an opportunity for individuals and companies to directly support a business project. Holders make what is called: “a public offering” in the form of a loan. In exchange for this loan, you receive a return in the form of variable interest depending on the borrower's project, his profile and the duration of the loan.


We have years of experience with residential properties of all sizes, all over Belgium and internationally. Whether this is your first home or an additional investment property we can help you to sell it, or rent it as suits your needs